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Many gentleman have been known to eschew a momgram on a shirtpocket or front, placing it instead inside the collar or on the shirttail, where only they and their launderer will ever see it.

The legendary Diana Vreeland insisted that the soles of her shoes be polished after every wearing. To do otherwise, she insisted, was common.

quiet moments A lining in a raincoat is the only way a certain set will, to this day, accept the use of fur in outerwear.

The restaurant Spago in Los Angeles kept its telephone number unlisted for years; New York's Royalton Hotel has no external identification.

In many European cities a perfectly plain streetfront facade will open onto a magnificent garden or arcade.

For years the philanthropist Milton Petrie insisted that his gifts to deserving individuals be passed through a third party so they could not be traced to him.

Couturier Yves Saint Laurent once designed theatrical costumes: all were fully lined in scarlet silk satin, although the audience had no hint of the care which had gone into their construction.