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(New York--NY) It is the ultimate ring for the discreet: elegantly simple on the outside, with much of its beauty and value hidden to the observer and known, in many cases, only to the owner.

It is the Rattle Ring, brainchild of diamond dealer John Reinhold. Reinhold, long a figure on the New York art scene, had been intrigued for years by the idea of concealing precious stones within a well-designed yet simple piece of jewelry. It was not until recently, however, that Reinhold -- together with designer Marc Jacobs -- overcame the substantial difficulties involved in manufacturing a piece of this nature.

rattle ring The Rattle Ring is a two-piece tubular band of 18-karat gold with eight discrete interior compartments, each sized to hold one loose quarter-carat diamond. When the inner part of the ring is rotated against the outer part, a small square portal slides open, revealing in turn each diamond, nestled in its "house" -- as one observer so aptly named the compartments. A gentle tap, and the diamonds fall onto a waiting hand or tabletop, sparkling with fire and light. Once the stones are replaced, the ring is rotated closed with a reassuring click, its precious contents safe and secure.

The name Rattle Ring comes from the music made by the diamonds, dancing within their compartments as the ring is moved. Rattle Ring owners report cheering and amusing themselves by holding their ring-wearing hand next to their ears and shaking it in order to hear the diamonds dance. In fact, Reinhold has walked into a restaurant and been met with "Rattle RIng waves" as wearers signal to him that they are wearing, and enjoying his imaginative "secret" design.

Previously sold privately by John Reinhold on a word-of-mouth basis, the ring is now being offered to the general public. Buyers of the Rattle Ring will join an international list of artists, designers and other cognoscenti which reads like the index to Andy Warhol's diaries. Worn by men and women alike, the ring has been purchased to mark significant events, given as a gift, and used as a wedding band. Several fans have purchased and wear them stacked on their fingers; other wear their rings tucked discretely into shorts or blouses on a neck chain.

rattle ring The Rattle Ring is available in yellow or white gold (and platinum by special order), with 2, 4, 6, or 8 quarter-carat diamonds. As befits his status in the diamond world, Reinhold has chosen to use only diamonds of the finest possible color, clarity and cut in the Rattle Ring. The Rattle Ring is now available with semi-precious stones.